At All About Dogs we pride ourselves of offering a specialised and personalised service. We don’t just sell pet beds but an interactive experience that will add much to your buying experience. So don’t look for the fill-the-basket and make-payment feature on our site, you will not find it. Rather ask us and get interactive advice.

Our experience with dealing with clients over the years has been that they subconsciously either over-estimate the size of their pet or under-estimate the size and space of our beds.

Talk to us and we will help you make the best decision possible.

Once we have made the decision on the best buy we will send you a quotation showing the price of the various items in the package that has been decided upon.

If you are satisfied and accept the quotation we will then issue an invoice with all relevant information, including delivery and shipping costs (if applicable).

The good news is that you can make payment directly to PayPal either via your PayPal account or by credit/debit card. Alternately you can make payment by cheque or electronic transfer.

When you contact us give us the following information and make the best informed purchase:

  • The breed of your pet
  • Average size, below or above
  • Are there more than one that share
  • Are there more than one but don’t share
  • Bed will be for inside the home or outside on the patio
  • General colour preference for pet
  • Colour match to fit home/room décor
  • Where you reside (country and city)
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