About Us

All About Dogs is a young company that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of stylish, functional and practical premium pet beds.








The beds evolved from a desire by the founders to replace their furry babies’ old and not very comfortable beds with something that was more hygienic, comfortable, functional and, most important, was not a stinky eye sore in the home. They found nothing on the market that could tick all the boxes so they decided to ‘make their own’.

This was easier said than done however! It has taken a number of years of hard search and numerous prototypes to get to the final product that you see now. The materials and manufacturing specifications were difficult to fulfil: all materials had to be made in South Africa and the manufacture had to be done by local small cottage industry companies. It was not easy finding the local materials and the SMEs with the required skills to satisfy these requirements.

And it went even further. As the founders have been involved with animal rescues for numerous years, and only adopt rescue pets themselves, they wanted to give something back so the bulk of the promotion of the beds is conducted via rescue and aid societies who receive a sizable contribution for every bed sold. Buyers can also nominate their preferred society to which the contribution should go.

As the process of hand grafting to this level of skill is relatively slow and time consuming the number of beds that can be produced while maintaining the high standards of the product is limited so availability is rather restricted. The training of more skilled weavers, and thus enhance job creation among the poorest, is something that the company is committed to and plans are already in place towards this end.

The company has gone even further in their efforts to reward rescue and service dogs and is working closely with a number of organisations and is helping by donating a bed and blanket set to the worthy winners and graduates of their programs. For example, in the US it has a close relationship with American Humane and is involved with a number of their programs including Paws4Patriots, Hero Dog Awards and the K-9 Medal of Courage Awards.