Our Baskets

We are as passionate about our furry friends as you that’s why we design and make the most stylish, functional and practical handcrafted premium pet bed on the market.







Design. The beds are ergonomically designed to provide the maximum ease and comfort. The round shape, depressed entrance and wide ledge allows the dog easy access, broad arched back support when cuddling or sleeping and a comfortable headrest when relaxing. We studied dog sleeping and resting behaviour over many years and found that this shape gave the best results

Frame. The frame is made of aluminium alloy which makes it rust and weather resistant.

Weave. The beds are fully woven with a premium synthetic cane which is UV stabilised so it makes it sun, wind and rain resistant. The weave looks like natural cane but is a “green” product as it reduces the use of threatened natural cane. For the full technical specifications consult the spec sheet in the All About US page.

Maintenance. The design and material used makes the beds low maintenance, fully washable, of light weight yet strong enough for all sizes of dogs

Sizes. The beds are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with internal diameters of 26 inches (660mm), 32 inches (810mm) and 38 inches (970mm) respectively. These sizes were selected as they can cover the full spectrum of dog sizes and they are also good for sharing.

Colours. The default colour is a rich Mocha Brown but can be ordered in four additional colours: Stone Grey, Chalk White, Navy Blue and Charcoal Black. The choice of colour often depends on the client’s décor both within the house and on patios.

Spring System.The design of the beds incorporates a double spring system that is particularly well suited for the comforts of old or arthritic dogs. The fully weaved bottom is raised off the ground by rubberised legs and the fitted cushion is made from high density foam which then combined make for a particularly comfortable support system.

Cushions. Each cushion is made to fit the respective sized bed. The high density foam is covered in a waterproof, UV and fungal resistant material for maximum protection and the minimisation of doggy odours. For the full technical specifications consult the spec sheets on the All About US page.

Covers. The removable covers are made to fit the various sized cushions. The design allows for an easy on-off change and the range comes in different materials for seasonal, wear and décor fit. Bespoke covers can be ordered to more accurately match and enhance the style and décor of the house.

Cats and Kittens. At All About Dogs we don’t just care about dogs but cats and kittens too. Our small beds make a happy and comfortable refuge for your precious kitty. Throw a fury blanket over the fitted cushion and watch h